For an overview of key technical details about Halle G, please click here. The team of Halle E+G is at your disposal for all further information.

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  • Halle G
  • Halle G
  • Halle G

Prestigious and modern

The lobby of Halle E+G impresses with its modern, cool architecture blended with Baroque-style elements. It is a prestigious space to receive your guests in.

The ground-floor entrance lobby and the cloakroom lobby on the 1st basement level are used jointly by Kunsthalle Wien, Halle E and Halle G. For this reason, these spaces cannot be put at clients' exclusive use during the opening hours of Kunsthalle Wien as well as on days when events are scheduled for Halle G. Of course, access to the halls and to the refreshment bar is ensured in any case; with attractively designed room dividers, it is also possible to create a spacious, separate cocktail lounge zone.

Food and Beverages

Clients are free to choose any catering company to serve Halle E at their discretion. The handling zone provided for this purpose is situated in the delivery area of Halle E. The lobby of Halle E+G also accommodates a refreshment bar operated by Café Halle. If required, this bar, too, can be staffed by the client.

Café Halle is situated directly inside the building housing Halle E+G.

  • Halle G
  • Halle G
  • Halle G
  • Halle G

Functional and modern

Artist's dressing rooms
4 artist's dressing rooms as well as a sufficient number of showers and restrooms are available.

Production office
with phone and Internet connection.

Spectators' cloakroom
for 2,000 visitors.

Public toilets
are situated on the 1st basement level.

Covered car park
Parking slots in the MQ covered car park are available around the clock.

Porter's lodge
The porter's lodge is staffed from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Facilities for visitors with disabilities

  • Lift to cloakroom level
  • Toilet accessible for persons with disabilities
  • Ground-level car access to Halle E
  • Lift to Halle G
  • Induction loop system